Mosquito Treatments Let You Enjoy An Evening Gazing At Stars Rather Than Swatting At Pests

If you've given up on enjoying your backyard in the summer due to fear of mosquito bites, consider having mosquito treatments so you can reclaim your backyard enjoyment. When you can go outside without fear of mosquitoes, you can use your patio more, swim in the evenings, or relax in your hot tub and enjoy the stars. There are mosquito treatments available that have proven to be effective at controlling these annoying and sometimes dangerous outdoor pests. Here's how they work.

The Sleeping Places Are Targeted

Your entire yard isn't necessarily sprayed since mosquitoes don't hang out in hot and sunny places. As long as you keep your grass trimmed so it doesn't grow long enough to provide shade for mosquitoes, the pests won't spend much time on your lawn. Instead, they'll look for bushes, flowers, shade trees, or even a deck that provides shade. They'll usually be out of sight on the backside of leaves so they can sleep while protected from the sun. When the pest control company arrives for a mosquito treatment, the first thing they do is assess your property and determine where mosquitoes are lurking and sleeping so those areas can be targeted.

The Sprays Linger Even After It Rains

Once your yard has been sprayed for mosquitoes, it takes around a half an hour for the spray to dry depending on the humidity level. When the spray is dry, it will continue to work for several days to weeks depending on the spray used. It won't even be washed away by rain. The spray will continue to kill or repel insects until it's time to have another application.

The pest control company will come at regular intervals during the summer if that's what you agree to so that your yard stays free of the pests all season. The company will let you know the frequency that's needed depending on the product used. For instance, it's possible to use natural products like essential oils and garlic, but these have to be applied more frequently to remain effective.

Mosquito Treatments Are Safe

It's best to keep your kids and pets indoors while your yard is being treated and until the spray is dry. Once the spray is dry, it's not hazardous to pets or people. In addition, the pest control company is careful to apply the right products in the right place so the spray doesn't harm fish in a pond or other wildlife. The spray targets mosquitoes because of the way it's applied, but if you have other problems in the yard, such as fleas, ticks, or chiggers, let the pest control company know so they can eliminate those pests too.

To learn more about mosquito treatments, contact a pest control company.

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