Palmetto Bugs: Protect Your Home With These Tips Today

Palmetto bugs, or American cockroaches, can make even the most steadfast homeowner cringe in fear. If you spot palmetto bugs throughout your house, especially during the night, take action today. Learn how you can prevent American cockroaches from taking over your home below.

Seal Your Doors and Floor Trim

Although palmetto bugs are some of the largest roaches to invade homes, the pests can still squirm or crawl through very tight spaces. If you have gaps under your doors or around your floor trim and molding, seal them. 

You want to fill in the gaps with clear or white household caulk. If you find pieces of loose trim and/or molding around your doors and walls, replace or reseal the material immediately. American cockroaches may use the loose material to hide or build large nests. 

Use the tips above to roach-proof every room in your house. If palmetto bugs still manage to enter your home later, contact pest control.

Take the Professional Route

If you have an American cockroach infestation somewhere in your home, you'll need to take the professional route to get rid of the pests. A pest control company can look into places around your home that could potentially harbor or attract palmetto bugs, including your air conditioning closet, crawl space, and laundry facility. The moist conditions in your house could attract palmetto bugs and other pests over time.

Pest control may use powder, liquid, or gel treatments to rid your house of bugs. Palmetto bugs groom themselves with their mouth parts regularly. Powders and liquid treatments can stick to the pests' antennae, legs, and wings as they move about your home. If pesticide enters the bugs' digestive system, they may perish. If pest control contractors choose to treat your palmetto bug problem with insecticides, the contractors will only place the substances or treatments in places you and your pets can't access easily. 

In addition to using special pesticides, pest control contractors may place bug traps inside and outside your home. The traps can prevent bugs from escaping back into your home once the pests enter them. You or pest control contractors may remove the traps once they become full. 

If you still see American cockroaches, or any other roaches, in your house after treatment, call pest control immediately. Pest control contractors may need to take additional steps to rid your house of roaches. 

You can control or get rid of the American cockroaches in your home by consulting a pest control company like Alliance Pest Management, Inc. soon.

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