The Top Reason To Schedule Pest Control Services Before Your Move-In Date

Why do new homeowners hire pest control professionals? If you just bought your first home, take a look at the top reasons to schedule pest control services before your move-in date.

The Home Has an Existing Pest Issue

Did your pre-sales home inspection reveal a pest problem? Whether the inspector found termites in the foundation, mice in the walls, ticks in the yard, or another pest in or around the house, you need to control the situation immediately.

While you can schedule pest services at any time, the period before you move in to your new home is one of the easiest options. Without furniture, food, people, or pets in the home, you won't have to take special prep steps. If you have concerns about chemical control methods that may linger after the initial appointment, discuss a lower-risk move-in date with the exterminator.

You Want to Prevent Future Home Pest Problems

Do you need to schedule this type of service if the home or pest inspector didn't find an existing issue? Even though your home may not have a pest problem right now, when you move in, the addition of food, people, and pets could attract an unwanted insect or other invader.

A pre-moving day pest service is a preventative measure that can stop a potential problem before it starts. Not only should you consider a preventative service prior to your move-in date, but you should also schedule future home pest maintenance. The exterminator can assess your home's needs and recommend a preventative treatment schedule that will reduce the pest risk before it starts.

The Inspection Didn't Include a Pest Assessment

Not every pre-sales home inspection comes with a full pest assessment—and not every home inspector has the specialized knowledge to evaluate an interior or exterior space for insects, rodents, and other types of pest invaders. If your home inspector didn't check for pests or wasn't a specialist in this type of service, you need a pest control expert to evaluate your new home before you move in.

Contact an exterminator who has expertise and experience in home inspections. This type of pest contractor knows what to look for and will evaluate each area of your home—and not just spaces you suspect have an existing problem. If the pest professional finds evidence of an infestation, they will recommend a treatment plan to remove the problem right now and prevent future issues.

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