Skunks On Your Land? Follow These Dos And Don'ts

Although their black and white coats are pretty, skunks are often feared by homeowners because of their stinky scent and tendency to spray. If you see a skunk on your property, your first thought may be "uh oh!" But the situation is not necessarily as bad as you might assume. Follow these dos and don'ts to appropriately deal with a skunk on your land.

Do: Consider leaving it alone if it's not near your home or another building.

Skunks do play an important role in nature. They eat a lot of bugs that people consider harmful, including ticks and grubs. If the skunk is nesting on the back of your property and doesn't seem to be wandering up near your home or other buildings, consider just leaving the skunk alone. They don't bother people on purpose, and as long as your home's windows, doors, and vents are secure, you shouldn't have to worry about them bothering you inside your space.

Don't: Try to trap and remove a skunk on your own.

If you do decide the skunk needs to go, do not attempt removal on your own. Skunks spray when startled, and it is very hard not to startle a skunk when trapping it. Call a wildlife removal company in your area, and let them handle it. They often use special calming sprays and specific traps to keep skunks calm, and they also have protective gear to wear around the skunk so they don't get smelly.

Do: Talk to the neighbors.

Before calling a wildlife removal company, do check in with your neighbors. See if they have seen the skunk or skunks as well, and ask if the skunks are also bothering them. Your neighbors may agree to split part of the cost of the skunk removal with you if they are also being bothered.

Don't: Leave garbage and other tempting foods out for skunks.

While you are waiting for your wildlife removal company to come and get rid of the skunks, make sure you keep the space around your home clean. Cover your trash can and put a brick on top to secure the lid. Do not leave food out for pets. This will at least deter skunks from coming too close to your home in the meantime.

Finding skunks on your property is annoying, but it's not usually an emergency. Call a wildlife removal company if the skunks are getting too close for comfort, and leave the hard part to them.

For more information, contact a company like Velocity Rodent/Wildlife Control.

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