How Rats Are A Hazard To Your Home And How A Rodent Control Expert Can Help

Rats are among the worst house pests you can have. They're very destructive, and they spread diseases. A rat infestation in your house is a serious situation, and you may need a rodent control professional to help you eliminate the rats. Here are a few reasons rats are a hazard for your home and ways to get rid of them.

They Can Start A Fire In Your Attic

Rats, especially roof rats, like to get in your attic. Your attic is probably quiet and free of human interference, so it's a good place for rats to nest and multiply. Rats gnaw on things constantly, so when rats are in your attic, they may destroy your insulation, chew on the roof rafters, and even gnaw on wiring. When rats gnaw on wiring in your attic or between your walls, they can start a fire in your home.

A rodent control professional can place traps around your attic to eliminate the pests. They can be aggressive about rodent control in your attic since your kids and pets usually stay out of there. In addition, the rat exterminator may seal up holes in your roof the rats used to get in your attic.

They Cause Illness And Trigger Allergies

Rats spread diseases through their droppings, urine, and bites. Some of their diseases can be quite dangerous, so it isn't possible to coexist peacefully with wild house rats. Rats can also trigger allergy symptoms in susceptible people.

Once a rat control company has eliminated rats in your home, your problems are not over. You may have to pay other contractors to come in and disinfect your home to get rid of rat hairs, urine, droppings, and odors. Otherwise, health risks may remain in your home after the rats are eliminated.

Rats Can Bite Your Pets

Rats tend to stay hidden so they don't interact with humans, but when an infestation has large numbers, the rats can get more aggressive, especially if the rats have to compete for food. You may begin seeing rats during the day as they move around your home in search of food.

While your animals may be alerted to rat activity at night too, when rats come out during the day, your dog or cat may try to play with the rodents or fight them. Your pets can catch diseases and parasites from rats, and when rats decide to be aggressive, your pet could get a bad injury from a rat bite.

Rats Destroy Your Belongings And Food

One of the worst aspects of having a rat problem is that they destroy so many of your belongings. They gnaw on things constantly, and they are always in search of things to shred for nesting. Plus, a rat can chew through wood, cardboard, and plastic, so if a rat is determined to get to something, it can cause damage to containers and the structure of your house.

Rats can destroy the food in your pantry, ruin your clothing, and destroy things you have stored in boxes and bins. Rats can gnaw baseboards, cabinets, flooring, walls, and anything else they want to get through. The damage is not only frustrating, it can be expensive to repair.

If you're dealing with rats in your house and need rodent control, reach out to a local pest control company for help. Rats multiply fast, so you want to take quick action. The rat control professional may work inside your house and outside on your property to eliminate the rodents and then help you establish practices that keep them away.

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