HOAs And Pest Control

One of the nice parts of moving into a home that's located in a community with an HOA is that they make sure the neighborhood maintains its nice appearance, as well as other great features and numerous amenities. Something else that an HOA can help with is to make sure that all of the homes that are in the community are free from pest infestations. This can be done in a number of ways and HOAs are generally good at staying on top of those things. Here is more about HOAs and pest control issues: 

HOAs make sure yards are kept clean

One of the many things that the HOA will do is make sure that the tenants in their community keep their yards clean and free of clutter, piles of debris, and excessive trash. This is good news for a lot of reasons. For one thing, you won't have to live in a neighborhood where people have messy yards that can cause the neighborhood to look unkempt. Another good thing about this is that yards free of clutter and trash won't be at a high risk of having pest issues, the way dirty yards can be. So, when your neighbors all keep their yards clean, there will be fewer chances of pests traveling onto your property, or, even worse, inside your home. 

HOAs make sure trees and foliage are properly trimmed

Another thing about living in a community with an HOA is that they will also have the landscape in the community property tended to. This includes making sure that the trees and bushes are properly trimmed. Both trees and bushes that become too thick and overgrown can become great living and breeding quarters for all kinds of pests. Regularly having them trimmed properly can also prevent the homes in the community from having pest issues. 

HOAs often take care of pest control treatments

Each HOA can vary with regards to the type of pest control services that they cover. However, they often cover having a pest control company come out regularly to treat the exterior areas of the neighborhood. But, while some will also cover having the insides of the residences treated as well, others will leave inside pest control treatments up to each of the residents. If your HOA doesn't cover the inside of the units, you should find out what dates pest control will be treating the exterior and have your home's interior done around that same time in order to have the best protection possible.

For more information, contact a company that offers HOA pest control services.

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