Cicada Killers In Your Yard? What You Can Do

Cicada killers are a type of wasp that, as their name would suggest, kills cicadas. This type of wasp is very large in size, and they dig their nests below the ground. You may notice sandy piles around sidewalks, patios, or your driveway, although these pests can dig in any part of your yard.  Their telltale mounds of sand they leave behind will be noticeable. These pests fly in and out of their nests in search of cicadas to eat, and you may notice them carrying the cicadas as they go into their nests. These pests don't necessarily harm humans and won't sting unless provoked, but they can be a nuisance for homeowners, as they can damage a yard — not to mention they can ruin your barbecue fun when they fly in and out of their nests. They can be quite intimidating with their size. Read on for what you can do if you have a problem with cicada killers.

Use A Tennis Racket

You can use a tennis racket to kill these pests. They are so large in size that you can hit them with a tennis racket to kill them. These pests will come and go often from their nest, so you can easily see them and find where they are coming and going from. Stand ready with your tennis racket and hit them when you see them. Once they fall to the ground, you can stomp on them. These pests won't sting unless they are provoked or you attempt to grab them, so don't try to touch or handle them.

Pour Boiling Water In The Nest

To help get rid of these pests, you can use boiling water and pour it down into their nest holes. The water will flood them out, and the boiling water will help kill off any of the pests inside the nest. Be careful when pouring the boiling water to prevent you from burning yourself from the water, and watch for these pests coming out of their nest as well.

If you have cicada killers in your yard, they can be a nuisance. They won't harm you, but they can be a pain to have to deal with. These pests will return year after year to your home, so it's in your best interest to get rid of them. Hire a pest control company to get rid of these pests for you.

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