Fleas In The House? Three Options

People all love their pets, but sometimes having a furry friend can have unfortunate side effects, like fleas in the house. A flea infestation is no laughing matter and can significantly inconvenience any homeowner. The following article takes a look at three ways to deal with this annoying problem.

Natural Approach

Some homeowners prefer to deal with pests in the house in a natural way by using home remedies that do not contain synthetic chemicals. One natural method involves spreading baking soda on any flea-infested areas, such as rugs and carpets. Another possible solution is to use a non-toxic product called diatomaceous earth (DE). This natural product is a powder that you spread around any place where you have noticed fleas. When the fleas walk over the powder, they will die from dehydration. The powder will eliminate both adult fleas and their eggs.

Salt works in a way that is similar to DE. Spread out some salt in the areas where fleas are present and wait. When the fleas encounter the salt, they will dehydrate and die. Also, spraying a mixture of water and vinegar in flea-infested spots could act as a repellant. Another natural method is to vacuum the locations where you have seen fleas.

Pesticide Approach

None of the natural approaches are guaranteed to work and the natural methods might not be sufficient against a severe infestation. For this reason, some homeowners will prefer to use pesticides rather than natural products. One of the most interesting types of pesticides is insect growth regulators (IGRs). IGRs work by disrupting the growth of young insects. Due to the effects of the IGRs, immature pests will not be able to reproduce. So although most adult fleas are not harmed by the pesticide, the infestation will come to an end when all of the adult fleas die at the end of their natural lifespan.

If you choose to use IGRs, make certain that the product is specifically designed for flea infestations. This particular type of pesticide has low toxicity to humans, so you should not be overly concerned about side effects on you or your family members.

Professional Approach

Probably the best solution to your fleas problems is to let one of the pest control companies in your area handle it. They have the knowledge and experience to deal with an infestation in the most effective way and will create a pest control solution that will fit your specific situation. To learn more, consult a pest control solutions company in your area.  

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