Pest Control Services

Research the services that a pest control company offers. Then, prepare a custom pest control plan that will keep your home or business protected from insects and rodents.


The inspection process will determine which types of pests have infested a home or business. The inspection identifies the point of entry that pests have been using and reveals where any nests are located.

A pest control technician will be able to tell which type of pest has infested the property. An inspection can be conducted on a single occasion or during recurring appointments. If a property owner has dealt with pest issues more than once, it may benefit them to have annual inspections performed.

Spot Treatments

Spot treatments are used to target pests in confined areas. Spot treatments involve applying liquid, gel, or powder pesticides.

The initial treatment process may cost more than subsequent treatments. This is due to the fact that the cost of the first treatment may be added to the cost of the inspection. If the inspection has revealed a pest issue, a technician will likely use a spot treatment method the same day to combat the pests.


Fumigation involves the use of chemicals. The chemicals are used to smother pests within a defined area. Since fumigation is an invasive procedure, a property owner may need to vacate the premises while their home or business is being treated.

During the fumigation process, the area that is being treated will be sealed off. A pest technician will consult with the property owner after the process to let them know when it is safe to occupy their property.


Rodents and other forms of wildlife are often trapped. A pest technician will use cages or bait stations to lure pests. Once pests have been captured, a technician will remove them from the premises.

Preventative Measures

A pest technician will outline some preventative measures that a property owner can take. Sealing off entryways, disinfecting surfaces, and making repairs to a structure can assist with blocking pests from invading a home or business. 

Services You Pursue

Once you have reviewed all of the services that a local pest control company offers, prepare a list of services that you would like to hire a technician to conduct. The technician you hire will formulate a custom treatment plan that includes all of the services. You will be quoted a price for the pest control services that will be rendered.

Contact a pest control company to learn more. 

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